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underwater portraits

- above & below water photography -

Enjoyment, trust and emotional security are the foundations of happy swimming and this can make for great photographs!

Underwater Portraits By Amy differs from many other underwater photography companies, because I photograph above and below water, and I believe strongly in a gentle approach to submersions.

During the photo sessions, toddlers and older children can choose to submerge themselves, and by using these gentler methods it makes for more enjoyment and ultimately a happier underwater experience and therefore happier pictures!

I work alongside teachers, parents, grandparents and caregivers in the water to capture the magical moments of the child’s swimming experience. I do this by watching the parent and child’s partnership in the water, watching for natural cues, body language and by following their natural rhythm and flow in the water during their lesson.

I photograph the babies and children during their regular swimming lesson. Being able to photograph during the lesson means that the babies/children are in a pool that they are accustomed too and with a teacher they already know and trust.

For the underwater shots, I don’t use an underwater back drop, nor do I use pool side lights, this enables me to get more natural shots, from anywhere in the pool, and at any time.

I hope parents will welcome my style of photography and will appreciate the uniqueness of my images, and the difficulties it can create working in a gentler more natural way.

I limit the amount of editing and photo shopping of images and because of this I can keep my prices very affordable.

Parents will be offered the opportunity to view and purchase their images via an online password protected gallery. I will produce an A4 montage image of each child, encapsulating the babies/child’s entire swimming lesson, which is made up of approximately 6-8 images.

Images are also available to buy as single images and digital downloads.

The images will hopefully include both above and below the water, however if the child is not happy to submerge under the water then don’t worry, I will produce a montage of above water only, which you will see is a great way of seeing your babies’ love of being in the water.


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